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For the economic growth of our country, Rabbit growing is considered as one of the best aspects. In the ancient days rabbits were living in forests, hill areas, uncultivated lands etc. but at present it is famous that rabbit are grown as pet animals in township areas and villages. The growing of rabbits is not only for meat purpose but also it should be noted that importance is being offered for their skin and hairs.

The Food and Agriculture Organization's (FAO) strategy to fight world hunger has rabbit as its key component. . Increased awareness of the high potential of meat rabbit production has made a positive impact on the lives of the majority of subsistence, limited-resource rural and periurban populations in Western countries. In developing countries such as India, where enormous meat shortages exist, the potential for rabbit production is greatest

Rabbit meat serves a source of Low saturated fat for the population overfed countries and as a source of cheap animal protein in underfed countries, thus exhibiting the varied potential of rabbit farming. Broiler rabbits must be considered as an important contributor of protein source to assure food security because of the ability of the species to produce high quality and quantity of meat

We are one of the best Broiler Rabbitary in India since 2005, with innovative ideas in rabbit farming. On basis of our track record and service, we won different awards spanning to different levels. Service is our motto. We introduced a well known by back system by which thousands of families are developing along with us across India. Broiler Rabbit(Oryctolagus Cuniculas) farming is easy and profitable business. Limited finance and scientific knowledge with clean,calm and hygenic atmosphere is enough to set up a small commercial rabbitary.

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Desil chicken (also spelled Aseel or Asli) is an ancient breed of chicken from India. Desi chickens are originally kept for cockfighting, but nowadays they are also kept for ornamental purposes. Desi chickens were brought to Europe around 1750. They are considered as the strongest game bird in the world. They are .



Duck farming is very popular and absolutely a lucrative business. Ducks are highly available around the world. There are numerous meat and egg productive duck breeds available throughout the world. All the present domestic ducks around the glove come from the wild birds. Those wild birds wonder around the world, and some of them have been domesticated as a good source of food. Almost all those wild birds are from mallard species. Incidentally, all hen of the world comes from red wild hen. You might know that, ducks are aquatic organism. Some people think that, duck without water and pond without water are the same. Even, some people think, ducks can’t live without water. But it’s totally wrong. You can not imagine pond without water, but duck can be raised without water. Thousands of ducks can be raised without water by keeping them inside house, in the same way you raise chickens or other types of poultry birds. But, keep in mind that, in case of raising ducks without water ‘your ducks will lay unfertilized egg’. That means you can’t hatch the eggs for producing ducklings. If you want fertile eggs, male ducks and water are essential. You can easily raise ducks without water, they just need water for reproduction or mating purposes.



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